The village of Teller

Howdy friends! 🙂

On July 17th, we were afforded yet another opportunity to travel to a village of the Norton Sound Region- Teller! This trip was not simply for sightseeing, despite the beauty of the area, rather we were going to do another day-long “mini Summercise” with the youth of the village!

Welcome to Teller!

Welcome to Teller!

The general store on the main road

The general store on the main road

Originally, we were supposed to do one Teller Summercise, as a group of eight. However, when we were talking with our supervisor, Megan, we decided that it made more sense to split us up into two groups of 4, and give two Summercise days instead of one! (2 is better than 1,because it equals MORE FUN! I digress…)

I was in the first group that made the drive to Teller, and all of us were excited! After we all experienced positive village travels in pairs, we were pumped to spend the afternoon with a bunch of new village kids, playing sports, games, and eating a delicious snack!

When we arrived, Megan drove through the town, and gave us the “tour” (which took about 3 minutes total) of Teller. Like the other villages we traveled to (shout out to Elim!), it was small, yet very pretty, with groups of ramshackle buildings in multiple colors, and more mining equipment spread throughout. Teller is mostly a fishing village, so there were several small boats on the shoreline, and numerous racks of drying salmon- YUM!

Salmon drying on a fish rack- thanks to Will for this picture!

Salmon drying on a fish rack- thanks to Will for this picture!

After Megan and Kendal dropped us off at the community center building, they left for the clinic to perform health screenings for the afternoon. After quickly eating lunch, the kids started to arrive! This group was collectively a little older than the group I had at Elim- more pre-teens than gradeschoolers- but it gave way to some serious fun! One group of boys ended up teaching our male intern Will how to “whip and nae nae” to Silento’s song…and someone definitely took a video! Haha!! We also enjoyed playing “Eskimo kickball”, tug-of-war, hula hoop games, and Jump the River. We met some really great kids that afternoon, and we all left Teller on a high note (which we celebrated and talked about more after some napping occurred…). I’m super grateful that our experience this summer allowed us to visit the outer villages of the Norton Sound area, as all of them left their own special mark on each of us.

A rocky shoreline...

A rocky shoreline…


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