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A bittersweet goodbye

It was July 30th. We had shared tearful goodbyes (and a surprise little homemade scrapbook!) with our truly amazing supervisor Megan. Our house was thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned out. The living room was filled with everyone’s suitcases, backpacks, and totes, packed and ready to go. It was time to leave the place we had called home for the last 10 weeks.

Selfie stick!

Selfie stick!

I cannot fully explain how I felt that Thursday as we prepared to head out to the airport. On one hand, I was super excited to go back home to see the family and friends I had missed dearly over the past 2 months…however, I also didn’t want to leave the crazy, unpredictable, hilarious, and lovable life we created in Nome! Somehow, despite working, living, socializing, and really just being around virtually the same people 24/7, I can honestly say I really enjoyed the wonderful group of interns I spent my summer with. These people can’t be replaced y’all 😉 They each hold a different, unique, and yet special place in my heart. (How’s that for some serious cheese?!) Shout out to the Summercise interns of 2015- I love you all, and will never forget our experience together!

The girls!

The girls!

On the plane to Anchorage! So sad :(

On the plane to Anchorage! So sad 😦

I mean, I look pretty great in those waders...

I mean, I look pretty great in those waders…

The view from the Anchorage airport...even on the way out, Alaska never ceases to amaze me!

The view from the Anchorage airport…even on the way out, Alaska never ceases to amaze me!

Flying home!

Flying home! first cup of Starbucks in 10 weeks! Yes, it had to be celebrated:)

Lastly…my first cup of Starbucks in 10 weeks! Yes, it had to be celebrated:)

Thanks to all who’ve been keeping up with me through this journey! It was truly amazing…I miss it every day, but have no fear, I diligently keep the memories alive…social media helps 😉

au revoir! xoxo

Michelle ❤


Summercise session 2 wrap up!

Hey everyone!

The end of July signaled the end of Summercise 2015…and the end of our internship! 😦 The final week of camp, the two of us in charge of the the 5 & 6 group decided that the last week would be EXTRA FUN. (Megan always wants us to “bring the fun”!) We had the kids outside every day thanks to some cooperative weather, and made plans for the last “class”. Usually, we split the kids up throughout the day, but we decided to keep everyone as one big group for the final day of Summercise. We started the day with our beloved outdoor game time, then came in to take some group pictures! Next, we started an assembly line for snack…we were making DIRT! Obviously not the healthiest snack, but hey, it was party day! After snack time we cleaned up and got ready to walk to the playground- hooray! All the kids get super excited when we visit the park, so the two of us decided what better way to end camp then going to the playground?

Smile! It was a pretty small group the last day, but we still had so much fun!

Smile! It was a pretty small group the last day, but we still had so much fun!

...and a silly shot! :)

…and a silly shot! 🙂

All in all, it was a great end to Summercise! Sadly, the next week we knew it would be time to finish up projects, clean our house, and get ready to leave each other, as our fly-out date was fast approaching!

Tune in next time for our sad goodbyes…haha!

The village of Teller

Howdy friends! 🙂

On July 17th, we were afforded yet another opportunity to travel to a village of the Norton Sound Region- Teller! This trip was not simply for sightseeing, despite the beauty of the area, rather we were going to do another day-long “mini Summercise” with the youth of the village!

Welcome to Teller!

Welcome to Teller!

The general store on the main road

The general store on the main road

Originally, we were supposed to do one Teller Summercise, as a group of eight. However, when we were talking with our supervisor, Megan, we decided that it made more sense to split us up into two groups of 4, and give two Summercise days instead of one! (2 is better than 1,because it equals MORE FUN! I digress…)

I was in the first group that made the drive to Teller, and all of us were excited! After we all experienced positive village travels in pairs, we were pumped to spend the afternoon with a bunch of new village kids, playing sports, games, and eating a delicious snack!

When we arrived, Megan drove through the town, and gave us the “tour” (which took about 3 minutes total) of Teller. Like the other villages we traveled to (shout out to Elim!), it was small, yet very pretty, with groups of ramshackle buildings in multiple colors, and more mining equipment spread throughout. Teller is mostly a fishing village, so there were several small boats on the shoreline, and numerous racks of drying salmon- YUM!

Salmon drying on a fish rack- thanks to Will for this picture!

Salmon drying on a fish rack- thanks to Will for this picture!

After Megan and Kendal dropped us off at the community center building, they left for the clinic to perform health screenings for the afternoon. After quickly eating lunch, the kids started to arrive! This group was collectively a little older than the group I had at Elim- more pre-teens than gradeschoolers- but it gave way to some serious fun! One group of boys ended up teaching our male intern Will how to “whip and nae nae” to Silento’s song…and someone definitely took a video! Haha!! We also enjoyed playing “Eskimo kickball”, tug-of-war, hula hoop games, and Jump the River. We met some really great kids that afternoon, and we all left Teller on a high note (which we celebrated and talked about more after some napping occurred…). I’m super grateful that our experience this summer allowed us to visit the outer villages of the Norton Sound area, as all of them left their own special mark on each of us.

A rocky shoreline...

A rocky shoreline…