4th of July weekend and more!

Hola mis amigos! These past two weekends have turned out so well they seriously seem to fly by. Really…like supersonic jet speed. Over fourth of July weekend, the original plan was being out in Council, a small town used mainly for cabins and camping. However, for a handful of us, the plans changed…and we ended up having a truly fabulous weekend! Friday night, we accompanied some friends fishing (we watched/walked along the beach), engaged in plenty of girl talk, watched movies, and shared a bottle of a classy adult drink 😉 *antioxidants and resveratrol people!*

Dorothy Falls...simply amazing

Dorothy Falls…simply amazing

Saturday turned out to be a gorgeous day, in the mid 60s and sunny!! We met up with one of the RDs from the office, her husband, dogs, and ADORABLE baby girl. They are honestly the coolest couple- they fish, hike, hunt, skin the animals they harvest, and are just super interesting. For example, the dietitian, Kendal, graduated high school early and backpacked around Italy in her senior year! Her husband is awesome too, and looks like a total bushman…in the BEST way. He’s all about plaid, boots, and has a great beard! 🙂 He also shot a HUGE bear that broke records, and got his picture on a hunting magazine! Also the two of them are the cutest parents, and watching them with their daughter made my heart melt a little. On the fourth, they were kind enough to take our little group hiking to Dorothy Falls, then invited us into their home, showing us their pelts, maps, and native jewelry. We ended up hiking around the tundra for almost 3 hours, and enjoyed beautiful views, as well as great conversation.

Crossing a stream

Crossing a stream

At the bottom of the valley! There was a fair amount of elevation change, which was challenging, but fun!

At the bottom of the valley! There was a fair amount of elevation change, which was challenging, but fun!

This past weekend was amazing as well. Friday we drove out to Salmon Lake, and got to enjoy not only gorgeous views, but some wildlife! My eagle eyes (HA!) spotted a young moose in the bushes on the way down, and on the way back we saw not one, not two, but a whole family of musk ox…with babies! They were so fluffy and really cute! Seeing a moose as well as baby musk ox were on my Alaska bucket list as “must-sees”, although I wasn’t positive that I would actually get the chance to see either! Needless to say I was pretty excited. 🙂

Juvenile moose!! (thanks Bailey for the clear picture!)

Juvenile moose!! (thanks Bailey for the clear picture!)

Meandering musk ox

  Meandering musk ox

Looking STRAIGHT at the car!

Looking STRAIGHT at the car!

Later that night, I met some more of our group and had a fun night out, singing kereoke and perfecting my foosball “skills”.

Saturday and Sunday were just as amazing and relaxing. Some people went out to Salmon Lake to go camp overnight, while another group of us stayed back for yet another fun-filled weekend! Saturday we did some grocery shopping and tried to fit two people to our bikes, while enjoying the sunshine-y weather. We also tried our hands at making creme brulee, because it’s our one intern bestie’s absolute favorite desserts. After making them, we walked down the beach, and had a bonfire. The weather continued to be perfect- mostly sunny and around 60. When we returned home, we found that our creme brulee turned out AMAZING…which made me really happy that the special dessert worked out for him. I just love being with these people:) We ended Saturday piled on blankets and pillows, and crashed out to a movie. Sunday morning began with coffee and a quick breakfast, then we all decided to get back into our respective workouts. We’ve been a little to tired and lazy, and we all admit to neglecting our usual routines 🙂 We then cooked up a storm, making crepes from scratch for lunch, as well as a variety of pizzas for dinner, then a few of us went to the theater to see Jurassic World (side note- good movie!). Now, Sunday is winding down, and we’re all relaxing, getting ready for the second week of Summercise session 2 this week! More on that to come!

I can hardly believe July is half over…where has time gone?!

Have a great week everybody!


2 thoughts on “4th of July weekend and more!

  1. Sondra Yurick

    Love your photos – both scenery and animals! We love that you are able to experience the beauty of Alaska. Miss you lots! Gram & Grandpa



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