Week one of Summercise- COMPLETE!

Wow what a week! As you can all probably tell by my lack of posting, we’ve been quite busy! We work at the hospital in the mornings planning, organizing, and preparing for Summercise classes, as well as our different projects. Summercise runs Monday-Thursday, from 1 to about 4:30 in the afternoon. Those kids keep us busy for sure! I work with another intern with the 5- & 6-year-old group, and the other 6 interns work with the 7 & up crew. We also have assistants, who range in age from high school freshmen, to college students. It’s a lifesaver to have extra hands on deck!

This session, the classes I’m leading are Gardening n’ Grub, Movin’ & Groovin’ (a movement, music, and rhythm class I designed!), Zumba JR, and Kartwheel Kids (a gymnastics class with another intern- my adorable roommate!). We stay super flexible with the younger kiddos, and sometimes the technical “lesson plans” get tossed out the window and/or completely changed, but we keep them active and learning all afternoon! The best parent “complaint” is that by the time they get home, their kids are completely exhausted. That means we’ve done our job 🙂

We interns have also been able to experience some “only-in-Alaska” fun as well! We’ve met some really nice people…actually most everyone here in Nome is extremely friendly and kindhearted, which is greatly appreciated by us non-locals! We’ve gotten opportunities to hike through the tundra, walk along and build bonfires on the beach, gather sea glass (LOVE the green!), go 4-wheeling (extreme for this newbie!), climb through an old mining dredge, see musk ox, and explore town by both bike and foot. Needless to say, when we can catch a few hours of sleep, we take it! Most nights, as soon as my head hits my [extremely comfortable] pillow, I’m out like a light!

20150607_205530 20150607_205507

Interns on bikes! We absolutely love biking around Nome!


One of the many places where gold mining occurs

20150605_235808  20150605_235638

There’s old mining equipment all over Nome…and anyone can feel free to walk around and explore! Which of course we did 🙂


We are now fans of Bering Tea Co.- their coffee is organic, local, Alaskan brewed! It’s absolutely delicious, especially for someone like me who likes a bolder brew. Alaskans know how to brew their beans!


It’s a beautiful life ❤

Peace and love friends!


2 thoughts on “Week one of Summercise- COMPLETE!

  1. Greg Yurick

    Bering Tea / Bering Sea…..I get it! 🙂
    “There’s gold in them thar hills!!”…and along the river, too!!
    I’m glad you’re enjoying your time in Alaska. Great pictures! I was recently watching a show on cable called “Flying Alaska” about a small charter airline that transports people along the Northern Slope of Alaska! The company is headquartered in Nome! :-)) I glad you are there in the “summer!” I love you!! Lots of exclamation points!!!!


  2. Chrissy Garten

    I am so happy you found a good organic coffee place! Like you I am a fan of strong coffee. 🙂
    Your pictures are gorgeous. About those lesson plans….the best lessons are the ones that just happen in the moment! Good for you. Glad you are having fun.



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