Only in Alaska

The title’s pretty self-explanatory…but there are just a few things that are a little different here in Nome as opposed to my modest suburb in Ohio…

Only in Alaska…

…can you see musk ox munching on grass on the outskirts of town (MUST get pictures of these fellas!)

…are you surrounded by pristine, natural beauty like clear streams, and these snow-streaked mountains! (simply driving by left me seriously in awe)

20150530_131644 20150530_144201

…can you eat reindeer sausage every week at breakfast (now THAT’S free range game!)


…can you get really excited to be wearing flip flops and T-shirts…in June.

…can your roommate meet people flinging cigar fish on the beach, and be able to simply fill an empty coffee can full of little silvery fish to bring home


…can you hear native Alaskan languages such as Yupik being spoken, alongside English

…can you build a bonfire anywhere you want on the beach, using washed up driftwood…because Nome is void of trees


…can you feel overly excited and cheer with your roomies when watching Disney’sBalto, but then end up critiquing it because of the rather inaccurate portrayal of Nome

…does 10 pm look like 5 in the evening back home


…can you see a pet reindeer riding around in the back of a pickup truck. (Her name is Velvet Eyes & she’s ADORABLE!)



One thought on “Only in Alaska

  1. A Yurick

    All true, except the clothing. Being able to wear “summer wear” and flip flops in June in Cleveland doesn’t always happen!



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