Nome away from home

SO good to be off planes for a couple months! Feeling incredibly blessed to be here already…

Gorgeous views from the planes! I am now in love Alaskan Airlines!

puffy clouds  airplane wing view  sunset plane view

Alright so it’s technically day two…but we’re wrapping up our first full day in Nome! 8 hours of HR meetings and presentations- super fun stuff. HA. BUT I’m loving my new intern family…we’re all crazy 🙂 Our supervisor is absolutely amazing as well…she might think we’re crazy too…but I think she loves us 😉 Team cheechako for the win! (cheechako= basically a super newbie “transfer” to Alaska or Canadian regions)

group photo!

Cheesy group photo post-lunch on day one! Had our supervisor take these photos…she thinks we’re ridiculous. But she loves us.

And then this happened:

dog sled photo

Yes, we are being sled dogs and a musher.

interns climbing rocks

Climbing rocks on the Bering Sea…good times 🙂

This experience still feels surreal, and I’m still amazed I’m actually here. Loving this beautiful place!

The adventure continues…


3 thoughts on “Nome away from home

  1. Chrissy Garten

    Your pictures are beautiful and I give you much credit for tying reindeer sausage. You are braver than I friend! 🙂


  2. Greg Yurick

    Incredible pictures of the rocks and beach at the Bering Sea! Is every day sunny there? Please move the sun over to Ohio, would ya?



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