The countdown continues

Phew, that last post was rather wordy. If you’re still with me, I thank you for bearing with me. Now where did I leave off…OH RIGHT- ALASKAN INTERNSHIP 🙂

Like I said, as soon as I read a little bit about the internship, I knew I had to try for it. It felt like a long shot, but it also just felt right. I had just under two months to submit a cover letter, resume, a contact sheet, two letters of recommendation, and complete their specific three-page questionnaire. Oh yeah, and they only take eight interns from the whole pool of applicants nationwide. EIGHT. Gulp. As I diligently (painstakingly?) worked my way through all the requirements, triple-checking everything, praying, and preparing as much as I could, I continued to- surprisingly- have pretty good feelings about getting accepted. At lease that’s what I told myself those feelings were…

Now before going any further, some of you may be wondering “What the heck IS this internship?!” “Where is it? What will you be doing?” I realize I’ve been a little vague and mysterious thus far…my apologies.

I, along with my fellow interns will be working mainly with the Summercise program, in Nome, Alaska. (Full disclosure: previous to this, if no one had reminded me of Disney’s Balto, I wouldn’t have any idea that Nome even existed…I encourage you to visit!) Summercise is a nutrition and physical activity-based program for the young people of Nome and surrounding regions. The program runs through the Norton Sound Health Corporation; specifically the CAMP (Chronic Care Active Management and Prevention) department, which is located in Nome. Interns will be responsible for planning and running different classes based on health, as well as working with the Summer Lunch program. Aside from Summercise, we will also have opportunities to work with WIC, the Boys and Girls club, and practice real outpatient counseling! To say this nutrition grad is excited for experiencing the next two months would be a MASSIVE understatement. I love the focus on disease prevention, as well as the opportunity to get the younger population excited about wellness, showing them that fitness is FUN, and hopefully start them on healthy habits for life!

In upcoming posts, I’ll share some of my preparations for my flight (I’m quite the rookie), packing tips, photos, and other fun tidbits I’ve been learning along the way! As for now, I’m going to finish up some laundry and head to bed- hey I leave for a 24 1/2 hour flight in less than 48 hours!



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