Many W’s

Welcome! If you are not one of my darling family members, lovely friends, or kind acquaintances, and you are wondering who the heck I am, feel free to click on the “about me” section to familiarize yourself. I hope I do not disappoint 🙂

Now that we’ve covered the who if need be, we’ll move on to the what, why, and when!

Story time! I’ll try to keep it relatively brief…

As I dug deeper and deeper into my nutrition and dietetics major, I pondered where exactly I would want to go, or what I wanted to do with this degree once I graduated. (Yes, I am the typical nutrition student- relatively type A- for better or worse!) I eventually decided that my passion was in community dietetics, and that I wanted to get involved with health and wellness in under-served populations. These ideas led me first to the desire to work in inner city areas, however then I began to feel my heart pulled in some rather unexpected directions…namely Appalachia and the Alaskan Bush. Where did this come from?? I live in a modest suburb! I don’t camp! I don’t hunt or fish! I love the Discovery channel, but I’m not confident that I could successfully spend one night in the wilderness let alone a week or more! What was I thinking? Where were these draws coming from? Frankly, I didn’t (and still don’t) know. What I DID know was that I wanted to eventually experience these places by working through nutrition and wellness.

Our amazing faculty sends constant emails with volunteer opportunities, internship openings, etc. to all nutrition and dietetics students, to give as many options for professional experiences as possible. Although some of them looked interesting, I hadn’t felt passionately enough to attempt a lengthy application process. However, apparently “miracles happen once in a while!” (Princess Diaries circa 2001 anyone? No? Moving on…) In early January of this year, I received a faculty email enclosed with information about a summer internship…in NOME ALASKA! I felt this complete moment of clarity, and immediately knew that I had to try for this internship. This was what I had (unknowingly) been waiting for!

To be continued…



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